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Halloween Puzzle Quiz - A table quiz round to download and print

Halloween Puzzle Quiz - HO253


Halloween themed Puzzle Quiz - no quizmaster required - just print off and give to teams to complete at leisure.


This is an Instant Download quiz

How Do I Get My Quiz?

Our Halloween Puzzle Quiz has been designed for you to download instantly, print out and give to teams to complete.


Page one is for teams - page two is the answer sheet for teams and page three the answers - click the thumbnail to see the quiz - it's ideal to hand out at your Halloween quiz night


This quiz is Puzzle Quiz - a mixed fun quiz with lots of elements; questions, anagrams, dingbats, list quizzes, true or false and more - it has 20 answers in total - an ideal quiz to give out while people are waiting for food etc. - why not add a prize element - "Get 15 or more correct and get 10% off your meal" for example...


It's an ideal quiz for a pub or club that doesn't want to run a traditional quiz night by reading out questions and answers or for a hotel or house party - to be given to guests to complete and hand in - also a great idea for a fundraiser.


Maximum marks available are 20 - an ideal quiz to hand out for teams to complete and hand in

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