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Free Quiz Trail

Free Quiz Trail


Quiz Trail - anyone can win with this fun pub quiz pack.Full instructions contained in every pack - a 24 question version of quiz bingo


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How Do I Get My Quiz?

Free Quiz Trail


Quiz Trail is designed for a regular quiz night where the same teams win every week or for a hotel or house party where you want to run a quiz with an element of luck - it has 24 questions and teams need a minimum of 6 correct answers to win - all they need to have is a trail of correct answers from left to right


This is a FREE sample of Quiz Trail - to buy Quiz Trail click here



  • The quiz master reads out 24 questions and teams write their answers in any hexagon along with the relevant number
  • Teams hand in their duplicate copy.
  • The quizmaster then reads out the answers in the random order issued by us. As soon as a team have a complete straight line across the board from left to right they shout BLOCKBUSTER
  • If all answers across the board are correct and they join across the board - they win!!!!
  • In the event of a tie or if no valid claims are made, the winners will be the team with the most correct in total or resort to our tiebreaker.


Each instant download pack includes questions, randomised answers, full instructions and team answer sheets


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