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Wimbledon Tennis Letter Quiz - A table quiz round to download and print

Wimbledon Letter List Quiz


A traditional list quiz, featuring 5 Wimbledon-related questions


This is an instant download quiz 

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How Do I Get My Quiz?

The Wimbledon Letter List handout quiz has been designed for you to download instantly, print out and give to teams to complete.


Page one is for teams - page two is the answers


This quiz is Letter List - a more traditional style List quiz - we give you the initial letter of the answer - it has 20 answers in total - an ideal quiz to give out while people are waiting for food etc. - why not add a prize element - "Get 15 or more correct and get 10% off your meal" for example...


It's an ideal quiz for a pub or club that doesn't want to run a traditional quiz night by reading out questions and answers or for a hotel or house party - to be given to guests to complete and hand in - also a great idea for a fundraiser.


The Wimbledon Letter List quiz features 5 questions;


Name the five main actresses from Absolutely Fabulous whose first name began with the letter ‘J’
Name the three Wimbledon Singles Champions (men or women) whose surname begins with the letter ‘N’
Name the two Jane Austen novels beginning with the letter ‘P’
Name the six English cities beginning with the letter ‘W

Maximum marks available are 20 - an ideal quiz to hand out for teams to complete and hand in.

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