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Problems Downloading?

All standard quizzes  on our website can be instantly downloaded  after payment.


Once you have paid, you'll be taken to your customer account. (If not, you can access it through the My Account link on the homepage). On the left of the page, click the ‘My Downloadable Products’ button. 


Find Downloads 

You’ll see all the quizzes you’ve purchased, newest first. In the Title Column, the name of the product is on the left. On the right, it will say "Download File". Click on this link.  


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Please note: On some older products the name of the product is listed twice instead of 'Download File'—please click the file name on the right.


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The file should start downloading, this may appear at the bottom of your screen depending on your browser. You'll also receive an email with the links to download on it. If you "Open" the file once you've paid, the file will appear on your screen. Save it immediately on your PC somewhere you can find it later.


If you're still having problems either ordering or downloading, then you can call us on 01785 336332, Monday to Friday, 9:30am - 4:30pm or use Live Chat on the site. 



 Can't Add to Basket?

  Occasionally web browsers (mainly Google Chrome) will update overnight - this may cause problems.


 - Try another web browser if you have one - e.g. use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome

 - The next time you order, the problem will probably rectify itself on the original browser.

 - Alternatively, you can delete the cookies stored on your PC and try again.


Deleting Google Chrome Cookies

  - At the top right of your screen, you'll see three vertical dots, click them, then select "More Tools"

 - Now click "Clear Browsing Data". Tick "Cookies and other site data". Now click the button that says "Clear Browsing Data"

 - Try adding to basket now


Deleting Microsoft Explorer Cookies

 - At the top right of your screen, you'll see three horizontal dots - click them, then click "Settings"

 - In the section marked Clear Browsing Data click "Choose What To Clear"

 - Make sure "Cookies and Website Data" is ticked - now click "Clear" - you might also want to leave the button on that says "Always clear this when I close the browser"


If all else fails:

 - Call us on 01785 214529

 - For out of hours, send a WhatsApp message to 07944 176726 - DON'T RING THIS NUMBER as it is for texts only



Missed the Download Page?


 Don’t panic! Your purchases are still available on your account. Go to the company homepage and follow the instructions for question 1.


- Can’t find your purchases? Then contact us immediately.



Can't Sign In?


  - Firstly have you created an account? If not, then you will need to create a new account on a different page.

  - If you have got an account, delete any passwords that prefill in the password box and manually type your password in.

  - If you tried to create an account and the system has rejected you as you're already on the system, then on the Login screen, click Forgot Password.

  - The system will now email you a new password.



Reset Password Doesn't Work?


Occasionally the system will send you a password reset. You click it but it doesn't work. You try again and it still doesn't work. You're now pulling your hair out! This is a problem with your web browser  storing cookies incorrectly. 

The simplest way is for us to reset your password manually.



Not Urgent? - Email us at with your email address and your home address

During Office Hours - Call us on 01785 336332 and we will do it over the phone.



Order Status is Pending or Processing?


If you've ordered using a store credit, then the order may not be immediately available. This is due to the system having a failsafe method stopping zero value orders being instant in case of product pricing error. We will manually process during weekday office hours - if you need your quiz urgently, please reorder and pay using a credit/debit card and email us details of the order - we will refund the order back to your card.


Similarly if you've added a free quiz to your basket and gone through the checkout then this won't be available instantly, we need to free it up which is done Monday to Friday. Free Quiz Samples don't need to be added to basket, just go back to the product page and click the link to download.


Finally, if you order a mix of quizzes to be sent by post and to be downloaded the same applies - the downloadable items won't be available until we process the postal part of the order. See above.



Can't Open or Download Files?


There are a limited number of times that you can download the files - if you keep clicking download and don't watch where the file is downloading to, then the download will expire.


If you can't download, during office hours please call us on 01785 336332 - out of office hours, then email and we will send the files to you next working day


Out of hours and need your quiz urgently? Please reorder the same quiz and follow the instructions at the top of this page. Then email us at the address above telling us that you've made a duplicate order. We will refund your first order next working day


All our files are in PDF format. There are three potential problems for you if your device won't open the file.


1) You may not have a PDF Reader installed. We suggest Adobe which is free - download it here


2) Your PC is using your web browser to open the file. To ensure this isn't the case then navigate to where you have saved the quiz file. Right click on the file and choose Open With, then left click on the name of your PDF Reader (We suggest if prompted you say "Yes" to "Always do this".) Now try opening the file.


3) You are trying to open on a mobile device. If this is the case you may need to follow the instructions above and use a desktop PC



Can't Print The Files?


You can see the file but it won't print?  If the file is on your screen then it's downloaded fine, but you have an issue with your printer or printer driver. Please seek advice.

If the file can be seen on screen but bits of words, etc. are missing then your PC is trying to print/open using the web browser - refer to point 2) above



Out of Hours and Need Help Urgently?


If the above doesn't work and you need help urgently out of hours, we may be able to help you.

Please send a text message or WhatsApp to 07931 527327 - DON'T RING THIS NUMBER as it is for texts only