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Social Distance Pub Quizzing

Instant Quizzes Guide to Socially-Distanced Pub Quizzes

With the doors opening and the British public starting to remember how to socialise face-to-face again, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to start reeling in the punters again.

Pub quizzes offer a great way to get people in the pub whilst also ensuring your customers' safety.


Pub quizzes keep people seated

You can book places to manage your numbers

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger can allow you to go paper-free

Organised breaks mean staff can take and deliver orders with plenty of time to ensure safety measures are followed


However, you may find some teams will not want to use paper in the traditional manner, so we've made a handy guide on how to run a pub quiz without needing to give out and receive paper answer sheets.


Take advantage of the free technology at our fingertips!

Ideally you'll need either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger on your mobile phone - the following instructions are for WhatsApp but they are similar for Messenger (This will require everyone to be on Facebook so is trickier). The best way to run the quiz is using a laptop or a tablet, but just your phone will work too.

Ensure you have WhatsApp installed - You can download WhatsApp for PC/Mac/Phone here 


Add email addresses

Set Up Teams on WhatsApp for the night's quiz

You'll need contact details for everyone who is in the night's quiz.

Give out your details as part of your pre-quiz announcements and ask team captains to message you via WhatsApp with their Name and Team Name.

As you receive captains' details - click the number and add to your contacts as they come in.
We suggest to Store as First Name - and Team Name in the Surname box



Run Your Quiz

The difference is that the team captain needs to type answers as a WhatsApp message - Answers 1 to 10 on one message then submit.
You may decide to take answers one by one... but this is a bit disjointed.

Read out the questions, recap the questions and then ask team captains to submit answers

To discourage cheating - we suggest the rule in your quiz is only one mobile on the table per team - and that should be the team captain