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Independence Day Bumper Quiz Pack

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Go large with our 10-round Bumper quiz!

The all-American rounds include: History, Films, People, Landmarks, Mixed Bag, Sport, Politicians, Pop Music, TV, General Knowledge Wipeout AND a Famous Americans Picture Quiz 

This is an instant download quiz only!


Our Independence Day Bumper Quiz contains 10 rounds of 10 questions plus a 20 picture quiz and is an ideal quiz pack for an evening that will last 2 hours or more.

It has been designed for use on 4th July - Independence Day, Thanksgiving or for an American themed quiz at any time - written with a U.K. audience in mind but ideal for quizzes in the United States.

The quiz is as follows:-

  • Round 1 - American Mixed Bag
  • Round 2 - American History
  • Round 3 - American Films
  • Round 4 - American People
  • Round 5 - Around America
  • Round 6 - American Sport
  • Round 7 - American Politicians
  • Round 8 - American Pop Music
  • Round 9 - American TV
  • Round 10 - General Knowledge American Wipeout Round
  • Interval Round - Famous Americans Picture Quiz (PR884)


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  • NB: This quiz contains rounds from American Quiz Pack 2 and 3 - some of these rounds can also be found in the American subject round section - please check contents before ordering from different sections


    If you would prefer to create your own Quiz Pack by choosing your own quiz rounds, change the questions you don't like and add your own choice of picture quiz, then click here for our Quiz Creator.

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