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Halloween Quiz Pack 11 - QPHALL11

Product SKU : QPHALL11

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A 5 round Halloween Themed quiz pack with a 20 picture quiz - rounds include, - Zombies, Ghosts, Werewolves, Vampires and a Mixed Bag General Knowledge round. The Picture round is a Halloween Pic 'n' Mix


This is an Instant Download quiz


To create your own unique Halloween Quiz Pack visit the Quiz Writers website


Halloween Quiz Pack 11 contains 5 rounds of 10 questions plus a 10 picture quiz and is designed to be run as part of a traditional Halloween themed pub quiz night


Note: These rounds appear in Halloween Bumper Quiz 4 - Please do not buy both


The quiz contains the following rounds;


  • Round 1 - Zombies
  • Round 2 - Ghosts
  • Round 3 - Vampires
  • Round 4 - Werewolves
  • Round 5 - Mixed Bag of General Knowledge Questions
  • Interval Round - Picture Quiz - Halloween Pic 'n' Mix (Z2843)



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