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Halloween Handout Quiz 4 - HALLHO4

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Halloween themed Handout Quiz - no quizmaster required - just print off and give to teams to complete at leisure.


This is an Instant Download quiz


Halloween Handout Quiz 4 - HALLHO4


This is a mix of Halloween questions, pictures and teasers ideal for a fun quiz night or to be used as part of a hotel, office or house party festive competition.


This quiz features the following rounds.


  • Round 1 - Ghosts - 5 questions about ghosts
  • Round 2 - Name The Celebrity Witches - 5 to identify
  • Round 3 - Name The Celebrity Monsters - 5 to identify
  • Round 4 - We Asked 100 People - 2 Family Fortunes style questions - Name the top 5 answers in each - all on a Halloween theme
  • Round 5 - Movie Characterts Who played these horror movie characters?


Total marks possible - 35


Each handout quiz is two pages long - one page for you to print out and hand to guests and teams and one page with answers on for you to display or distribute later.