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Halloween Bumper Quiz 1 - Ideal For A Halloween Pub Quiz Night

Halloween Bumper Quiz 1 - BQHALL1


A 10 round Halloween Themed quiz pack with a 20 picture quiz - rounds include - Halloween Blockbusters, Scary Creatures, Horror Movies, Scary Literature, Witches, Magic, Wizards and Magicians, Scared and Frightened, On This Day 31st October and a Halloween General Knowledge Wipeout Round. The Picture Round is Celebrity Monsters.


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Halloween Bumper Quiz 1 contains 10 rounds of 10 questions plus a 20 picture quiz and is an ideal quiz pack for a Halloween themed pub quiz evening that will last 2 hours or more.


The quiz contains the following rounds;


  • Round 1 - Halloween Blockbusters - We give you the intial letter of each answer
  • Round 2 - Scary Creatures - From Anubis to the Spider
  • Round 3 - Horror Movies - An American Werewolf In London to the remake of Bedazzled
  • Round 4 - Scary Literature - Questions about horror stories and novels - from Tam O'Shanter to The Satanic Verses
  • Round 5 - Witches - From The Worst Witch to Sleeping Beauty
  • Round 6 - Magic - 10 questions about all things magical - from the court of King Arthur to 'Magic' Johnson
  • Round 7 - Wizards and Magicians - A tricky round from Zordon to Gandalf
  • Round 8 - Scared and Frightened - Scaredy cats and fear are the subjects of this round
  • Round 9 - On This Day 31st October - 10 questions about things thta happened on Hallowwen throughout history
  • Round 10 - Halloween General Knowledge Wipeout Round
  • Interval Round - Celebrity Monsters (PR2070)




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