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Quiz Fortunes Pack Easter

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12 Family Fortunes style questions for a fun pub quiz night - with full instructions


This is an Instant Download quiz pack


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Quiz Fortunes Pack Easter - An Easter themed Quiz Fortunes Pack


Bored of quiz questions or do your teams need something a little lighter than a standard quiz?


This quiz is based on our surveys of visitors to our website and is similar to the TV show Family Fortunes or Family Feud


The quiz master reads out a simple question..... e.g. "Name a world champion"


Teams complete their 4 guesses as to the top 4 answers in our corresponding survey.


There are 12 different questions


Once answer sheets have been collected or exchanged with another team, the quizmaster reads out the answers. For every answer a team has that corresponds to one of the top 4 answers in our survey, they receive 1 point plus a bonus point if the answer they nominate as top answer corresponds to our top answer.


The winning team is the one with most total points.


 In the event of a tie, we provide a tie-break question.


 Each quiz 12 questions and the 4 top answers is in PDF format.