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Christmas Bumper Quiz 8

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Christmas Bumper Quiz Pack 8 contains the following rounds: The Nativity, Christmas TV, Christmas Lyrics, Christmas Films, Christmas Tradition, Christmas Quotes, Christmas Literature, Christmas Food and Drink, Christmas Pop Music, Christmas Mixed Bag and a Christmas Pic N Mix Picture Round


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 Christmas Bumper Quiz Pack 8 - A 10 round Christmas themed quiz plus a 20 picture quiz - Designed to be run as part of a Christmas themed  quiz night


 The quiz contains the following rounds:-


  • Round 1 - The Nativity
  • Round 2 - Christmas TV
  • Round 3 - Christmas Lyrics
  • Round 4 - Christmas Films
  • Round 5 - Christmas Traditions
  • Round 6 - Christmas Quotes
  • Round 7 - Christmas Literature
  • Round 8 - Christmas Food and Drink
  • Round 9 - Christmas Pop Music
  • Round 10 - Christmas Mixed Bag - Wipeout Round
  • Interval Round - Picture Quiz - Christmas Pic N Mix - PR1902




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NB: The rounds in this quiz may also be available in the Christmas Subject rounds and in the Quiz Packs - please check previous purchases before buying