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2017 Mega Quiz

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2017 Mega Quiz - for true quiz addicts - a 120 question quiz split into 10 questions about each month of 2017 in turn - plus a 2017 Pic 'n' Mix picture round



This Is An Instant Download Quiz Pack  - to order this quiz to be sent by post, click here and request 2017 Mega Quiz




Only for true quiz addicts

2017 Mega Quiz - A 12 round 2017 themed quiz plus a 20 picture quiz - Designed to be run as part of an end of year themed 2017  quiz night


 The quiz features 12 sets of 10 questions about 2017 - each round has questiones about each month of the year in turn - Round 1 is Jauary 2017 and Round 12 December 2017 - plus there's a 20 picture mixed bag quiz about 2017 - 140 marks up for grabs in total




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To order this quiz to be sent by post along with 20 colour copies of the picture quiz at a cost of £17 - click here and request 2017 Mega Quiz Pack from the postal bumper quiz section