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Scary Movies - Printable Halloween Picture Quiz

Scary Movies Picture Quiz

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Scary Movies Picture Quiz - PR2065

20 horror films for teams to identify - an average team will still get at least 14/20 correct! Designed for use as part of a Halloween quiz night or to be handed out and completed as a standalone quiz around Halloween!

This is an instant download quiz. If you're looking for a postal quiz then click here and request Scary Movies Picture Quiz - PR2065 from the 20-picture quizzes section. Our 20-Picture Quizzes are £7 when ordered by post and will come with 15 colour copies. 


Want a unique quiz to go with your Halloween Picture Quiz? Then check out the Halloween options on our sister site, Quiz Writers.

It will generate a completely customizable Halloween pub quiz in seconds. You can choose your own round categories, change the questions if you don't like them and even add a picture quiz of your choice. NB: If ordering on this site you will need to register a separate login

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