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Quiz of the Week 2 - 5th August 2022

Quiz of the Week 2 -5th August 2022


Quiz of the Week 2 - 5th August 2022 - includes the following rounds: Current Affairs, Pop Music, Science and Nature, History, Cars and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

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How Do I Get My Quiz?

Quiz of the Week is a quiz that will last around 90 minutes - It contains 6 rounds of 10 questions and if your pack is instantly downloaded will contain your quiz, team scoresheet, team answer sheet and poster.


Two new Quiz of the Week packs are uploaded every Friday and they contain that week's Current Affairs round (The current affairs round is the same in both quiz of the week packs) plus 5 rounds from that week's quiz pack. It's ideal for pubs who like the Quiz Night format but want to stop teams potentially cheating or if a local pub also runs Quiz Night.


 This week's pub quiz contains the following rounds;

  • In The News - 10 questions about things in the news this week - Current Affairs round CA1280
  • Pop Music
  • Science and Nature
  • History
  • Cars
  • General Knowledge - Our 'Wipeout Round' - 10 questions - if teams get them all right they get 5 bonus points, but any wrong and they are 'Wiped Out' and receive nothing - time to gamble or play it safe and just go for those you know....

 If you download this quiz instantly, it costs £4.50 and also contains Team Scoresheet, Team Answer Sheet and Poster.

NB: If you order this quiz every week - click here or call us on 01785 214529 to pre-order your quizzes - we will send them to you every Thursday once written and you get big reductions 

 5 weeks - cost £4.20 per week
13 weeks - cost £4.00 per week
26 weeks - cost £3.50 per week
52 weeks - cost £2.88 per week

 Create your own pub quiz - select number of rounds, round subjects and change questions you don't like at the Quiz Writers website




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