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1970s Handout Quiz

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1970s handout quiz for a themed seventies night

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Our 1970s Handout Quiz has been designed for you to download instantly, print out and give to teams to complete.

It's ideal for a 1970s themed night

It's an ideal quiz for a pub or club that doesn't want to run a traditional quiz night by reading out questions and answers or for a hotel or house party - to be given to guests to complete and hand in - also a great idea for a fundraiser.

The 1970s Quiz features 5 rounds.

  • The 1970s Quiz - 5 questions about the 1970s
  • Name The 1970s TV Comedies - name these TV shows from the 1970s - Picture Round  
  • Name The 1970s Films - name these movies of the 1970s  - Picture Round
  • We Asked 100 People - A Family Fortunes Style quiz with a 1970s theme
  • Name 10 - Who had these 1970s number one hits?

Maximum marks available are 35 - an ideal quiz to hand out for teams to complete and hand in.