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Jukebox Bingo - Pop quiz bingo

Want something new for your quiz night or a second quiz night?


Jukebox Bingo


 We've been working with our friends at We Love Quiz and have come up with Jukebox Bingo.

Dropping Beats

Host It Your Way


Plan Your Event


Here's how it works....




2) PURCHASE CREDITS - £20+VAT for 4 Games - Games can be run as many times as you like in 24 hours

3)  Set up your game or games andconnect your laptop,phone or tablet to your sound system

Set Up Your Game

Schedule a start time or start immediately when everyone is ready

Start Your Quiz

3) Get all your players to download the App - it's free - or go onto the website to play

No Installation Required


4) Play the quiz - either voice over yourself or use the built in DJ

Jukebox Bingo

Team Cards

Teams mark off the tracks as they hear them

Prize for the first team to call a line

Prize for the first team to get a full house

More about Jukebox Bingo

Fully automated so all you need to do is press play, grab your phone and enjoy the game with your regulars.
NO PEN AND PAPER!!! Customers play via the Jukebox Bingo App
Interactive screen content will ensure your customers get the visual queues as well as the sound.
Auto play will ensure your event runs smoothly by providing short breaks between games and the option for a 10 minutes interval for drinks every 2 games


Jukebox Bingo

Live screen indicators shows how close players are to winning and adds more tension to the atmosphere.
Winners are automatically emailed, with a "show this to a member of staff" message to claim their prize.

JUkebox Bingo

Ready to give your customers a great night?????

Register here for Jukebox Bingo and get started