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Battle of the Sexes 9

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Battle of the Sexes Quiz 9

The Battle of the Sexes quiz is our version of the popular TV show Mr and Mrs

In this pack we give you 3 sets of 10 questions

  • You ask 5 questions to the female about the male partner -  ask him back and he answers the questions about himself.
  • Then you ask 5 questions to the male about his female partner - she returns and answers the same questions
  • They then have marks out of 10
  • You now ask two fresh sets of questions to two other couples
  • The winning couple is the team that scores the most marks out of 10

This is a great quiz to run as a Mr and Mrs-style quiz night in a pub, club or hotel - or perhaps as an ice-breaker at a house party

Each set of questions costs £3.50 - this is Battle of the Sexes question set 9