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Christmas Greetings Handout Quiz

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Christmas Greetings Handout Quiz - Features 20 Christmas Greetings for you to match with the correct country.


This Is An Instant Download Handout Quiz 


Christmas Greetings Handout Quiz - H13


This is a Christmas themed handout quiz suitable for a 'thinking' crowd - Simply match the Christmas Greetings with the correct country.


e.g. - "Joyeux Noel." - French


This quiz features 20 similar clues to crack.


Each handout quiz is two pages long - one page for you to print out and hand to guests and teams and one page with answers on for you to display or distribute later.


Ideal for a Coach party, family and friends house party, office party or a hotel that wants to entertain their guests


This handout quiz costs £3 to instantly download

To order this quiz to be sent by post along with 15 colour copies at a cost of £7 please call us and request Christmas Handout Quiz 13.