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Quiz Pack by email

Quiz Packs by email


Weekly Quiz Pack By Email - This is our 5 round quiz pack which includes a 10-picture round 

Get our newest Quiz Pack first! We will send the quiz every Thursday, a week before anyone else can get it. Buy a fixed number of weeks or go here to save even more by paying monthly

This is not Instant Download! Need a quiz today? Order here

Quiz Packs By Email

We have three types of quiz packs to choose from:

Quiz Pack - Our staple quiz pack, with five subject rounds of 10 questions plus a 10-picture interval round. 

Easier Quiz Pack - The pack features five subject rounds of 10 easier questions  plus a 10-picture interval round. The average quiz team should get about 7/10 on each round. 

Big Quiz Pack - Includes five subject rounds of 10 questions plus a 20-picture interval round. 

We send your pack every Thursday by email - includes quiz questions, full instructions, scoresheet, answer sheets and your picture quiz.  Just follow the instructions and print off as many copies as you need.

Please select the number of weeks that you want to pre-pay for - the more weeks you buy, the less you pay

Or save time and even more money by just setting up a secure direct debit through PayPal. (Don't worry, you don't need a PayPal account)

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