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Halloween Quizzes

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  1. £11.99


    The Halloween Trick or Treat Smell Quiz features a mix of nice and nasty smells - Apples, Chocolate, Fish, Garlic, Fresh Grass, Manure, Onion, Roses, Strawberry, Vomit

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  2. £11.99


    The Halloween Nasty Smells Quiz features a mix of truly horrible smells - Blue Cheese, Burning Flesh, Cabbage, Cigar Smoke, The Dentist, Fish, Manure, Onion, Sweaty Clothes, Tarmac


    An ideal Halloween quiz for teams with a sense of humour - and a strong stomach!!!!!

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  3. £3.50

    Halloween quiz fortunes pack - based on TV's Family Fortunes - Teams guess the top answers in our Halloween themed survey

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