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Crufts Quizzes

In this section you'll find questions and pictures all with a Crufts or a Dog theme - ideal for a Crufts Night or Dog Lovers pub quiz night
  1. £5.50
    A 5 round Saint David's Day quiz pack with a 10 picture quiz - rounds include: Canine Blockbusters, Dogs In Song, Dog Breeds, Dogs of TV and Film, Wipeout Round, and the picture round Celebrities and their Dogs Z
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  2. £3.00

    Famous Dogs - 20 picture quiz round - in this quiz, teams need to identify the famous real and fictional dogs


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  3. £1.00
    10 questions on the topic of dogs
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  4. £1.00

    Wipeout quiz handout round - the answers to find here are Dog Breeds

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  5. £1.00
    10 Quickfire questions - Simply name the 10 real or fictional dogs from the clues given.
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