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Quiz Night - 19th May 2017

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Six round Quiz Night pack 19th May 2017 - this week's subject rounds are; Current Affairs, Pies, Saints That Are Not Saints, Alphabetical Order, Connections and General Knowledge.


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Quiz Night for w/c 19th May 2017


Our most popular weekly quiz pack quiz night is a quiz that will last around 90 minutes


This week’s quiz contains the following rounds;


  • In The News - 10 questions about this week’s headline makers – from BBC TV Dramas to British Banks
  • Pies – 10 questions all about pies
  • Saints That Are Not Saints – This week - Name the saint that isn’t really a saint  that is being described here?
  • Alphabetical Order – In this round, all the answers are in alphabetical order
  • Connections - 4 questions with a link between all, or part of each answer
  • General Knowledge - Our ever popular 'Wipeout Round' - 10 questions - if teams get them all right they get 5 bonus points, but any wrong and they are
    'Wiped Out' and receive nothing - time to gamble or play it safe and just go for those you know....


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SKU QN19052017