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Quiz Night

Quiz Night is our weekly quiz available to pubs, clubs and all organisations looking for a complete quiz.


It features 6 rounds weekly which are:-


  • In The News - Current Affairs
  • Specialist Round - 10 questions on one subject
  • Quick Ten - 10 quickfire trivia questions
  • Trivia Round - With an easy to spot connection between all answers
  • Connections round - 4 answers you name the connection
  • Wipeout Round - General Knowledge with prizes for full marks but don't dare to get one wrong
  • Tiebreak question


Each quiz is instantly available as a PDF document by Digital Download


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Also in the Quiz Pack section we have a similar, but easier quiz - Quiz of the Week - a similar format - with a Current Affairs round and 5 other sets of 10 questions - ideal if you suspect cheating or if a local pub also runs Quiz Night - the 3 quiz of the week packs are only on sale for a week and change every Friday.


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  1. £4.00

    A six-round Quiz Night pack 4th May 2018 - this week's subject rounds are; Current Affairs, Fairs, Quickfire Round - Fictional Addresses, Mixed Bag,Connections and General Knowledge. 


    NB: The Current Affairs round in this pack is completely unique and can't be bought elsewhere on this site


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