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Connections Quiz Round - Nets


How Do I Get My Quiz?

The connections quiz round is a good way to test teams during a standard pub quiz night.

It features 9 general knowledge quiz questions and question 10 is "Guess the connection between all, or part of each answer"

The answer to this quiz is Nets

Example questions;

  • Apart from AC which other team plays home games in Milan?
  • What name is given to a fortified central tower, often a round tower, in a medieval castle?

If you would prefer to compile your own quiz pack by choosing your own subjects and change the questions you don't like then click here for our quiz creator.


On this website you choose how many questions there are in each round, what the subjects are and you can reject questions you don't like.

NB: This website requires a different login to this site so you will need to register again.

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