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Children's Handout Quiz 246 - Puzzle Quiz - A table quiz round to download and print

Children's Puzzle Quiz 246

How Do I Get My Quiz?

Handout quiz 246 has been designed for you to download instantly, print out and give to teams to complete - it has been compiled for quiz players who are between 10 and 15 years of age

Page one is the question sheet, page two is the answer sheet for teams and page three are answers

This quiz is Puzzle Quiz - a mixed fun quiz with lots of elements; questions, anagrams, dingbats, list quizzes, true or false and more - it has 20 answers in total - an ideal quiz to give to younger quizzers during a standard quiz night or for schools etc.

Handout Quiz 246 features 8 different sections

Maximum marks available are 20 - an ideal quiz to hand out for teams to complete and hand in.

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