20 Picture Quizzes

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This section contains sets of 20 picture quizzes.

We have a massive range of picture quiz rounds and to make searching easier, they are split into sections below.

  • Faces Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 famous faces to identify - with some excellent themes
  • General Knowledge Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 pictures with different themes - ideal to accompany a pub quiz
  • Pop Music Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 pop faces - groups and singers - ideal for a pop music quiz night
  • Sport Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 sporting pictures - from general sport to themes around one sport
  • TV and Film Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 film and TV stills and some great themed quizzes
  • Teaser Picture Quizzes - Sets of 20 picture quizzes to test your teams including Dingbats and Mystery Objects

All picture quiz rounds have been fully licensed for use in pub quizzes.